I would always take a camera whenever we went on family trips, as early as I can remember. I never thought anything of it, it was just a way to keep holidays memorable. I remember enjoying the surprise when I got the film developed and looked through the prints, but it was never more than an afterthought, and usually a disposable camera just to grab some snapshots. In the last few years I've become much more passionate about understanding the medium of photography and learning how to make pictures instead of just taking them - using the camera as the tool to express my vision. 

What I love about photography is you can never stop learning; it really is a journey. I enjoy shooting in most situations, but exploring untouched natural environments is where I feel most inspired. I love the freedom, the scale, and the feeling of insignificance, especially at the mercy of the elements. I get excited about great light, and capturing the unpredictability and rawness of nature. 

The emergence of camera drones has definitely piqued my imagination into what's becoming achievable. The range of perspectives from above adds so many interesting elements, and I'm excited about the future of the industry. I'm currently working on becoming certified for commercial operations, so I'm looking forward to offering professional aerial creative services to my clients.

My approach to photography is communication. I look outwards at something, but I want to draw you into it, to share it with you, to tell you a visual story. This is in part due to my desire to create, and my introspective nature - an inherent feeling that I can show you better than I can tell you. Brands and clients tap into this by combining their specific briefs and concepts with my ability to capture the way they want to convey their visual messages to the world.

On a deeper level, I often think about how we're only here on Earth for a limited time, and in that time we're all given an opportunity to contribute 'stuff' that lives on beyond our physical presence. This can be all manner of things; painting, music, poetry, for some it can be a skill that they pass down through the generations, but for me it's writing with light. That's my sense of purpose. I've been told by many people that my photography inspires them, which is extremely humbling. If I've created something that has generated a desire in others to go somewhere or experience something for themselves, that is a hugely powerful concept to me, and plays a big part in driving my passion for making pictures.

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